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Neicee J is from Northeast Ohio and moved to North Carolina in 2014. She moved to North Carolina for the sake of peace and change. She endured a lot throughout the years of her life. She is a victim/survivor of SA by her uncle and grandfather. She have also endured physical, emotional and mental abuse by her second husband and also attempted suicide several times because of what she went through. Because of this, she decided that it was time for her to hold her head up and become victorious and not let any of her past trauma keep her in a victimized mindset. In 2017 was the start of new beginnings' of her becoming an Author.She published three books and still continuing to write. In 2023 she became an actress and have been in several films and still currently acting. She began and still with DELINDA KAY PRODUCTIONS and working with BLULIGHTTV PRODUCTIONS.She has also stepped into modeling to help continue building her confidence due to her past trauma that you would read in her book. Neicee J has proven that trauma WILL NOT defeat or define her but has proven that there is PURPOSE in her PAIN! View more of her story@ https://youtu.be/3EYC9HzYrPU?si=wZkq8FUACmSIk2om

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Author Neicee Jt

Author Neicee J

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

Autobiography about my life of molestation, physical & SA and how i turned my pain into purpose..

Behind Closed Doors Journal

31 day journal to begin the process of healing and becoming a better you

Giving our children a guide to know the difference between a good touch and a bad touch

The Good Touch and the

Bad Touch

Available on Amazon.com

Actress Neicee J since 2023





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Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned

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*To get a signed autograph copy of her book(s), please email getyourcopiesnow@gmail.com. Behind Closed Doors Children’s book is only available on Amazon.com

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August 24, 2024

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